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1. The biennial International Composition Award of the Auditorio de Galicia is open to all composers of any nationality wishing to present a composition that has never been published in any form.

2. The presented work is required to suit the following orchestral structure: - - timpani - strings although it may be increased by a maximum of 5 extra instrumentalists. Electroacoustics, soloists or chorus are not permitted. The composition will have a minimum duration of 10 minutes.

3. The prize is endowed with 12.000 euro, a sum which has been set aside specifically for the occasion and is indivisible. The Auditorio de Galicia will produce the award-winning composition over a period of eighteen months, and its composer shall receive no additional economic compensation. The Real Filharmonía de Galicia will give its debut performance.

4. The composer will submit three copies of the score, on which only the title of the work and/or the motto will appear. The copies shall be placed inside a sealed envelope on which the title and/or motto are written, as well as the identity and personal details of the composer.

5. The material will be sent to the Auditorio de Galicia, Avda. Burgo das Nacións, s/n, 15705 Santiago de Compostela, Spain, to arrive no later than the 31st October 2002.

6. The Auditorio has the right to decide how the work is to be divulged and reproduced, and print the score and release a recording of the work at any time.
The award-winner is obliged to provide the necessary material for the performance, which will remain in the possession of the Auditorio de Galicia.
The composer will retain the copyright of his work, and the following words will figure in all the programmes each time the work is performed: Premio de Composición Auditorio de Galicia 2002 ("Auditorio de Galicia Composition Award 2002").

7. The jury will be made up of people of renowned prestige, the names of whom shall be made public before their meeting so that any appeal may be lodged, if necessary.

8. The jury will reach its decision unanimously and in a single session.
Their deliberations will be confidential though they will be written up in the corresponding proceedings.
The jury reserves the right to declare the award void.
The jury will pronounce its decision on December 2002 and inform the media.
The secretary of the jury will open the envelope of the award-winning composition to announce the name of the finalist.

9. The works that are not awarded will be returned to their composers upon receipt of a written request to this effect, sent within one month of the day following the jury‚s decision, in which the ownership of the work is also confirmed. Compositions which have not been reclaimed after the period of one month will be destroyed.

10. It is assumed that all candidates entering this competition have totally accepted its conditions.